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Pop-up exhibition - "The Liberation"

Every month, from May to December, the Royal Military Museum highlights a figure who played a role in the liberation of our country!

Pop-up exhibition - "The Liberation"

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Pop-up exhibition - "The Liberation"

Every first Tuesday of the month, from May to December, a question mark disappears and one or more objects, linked to a new figure who played a role in the liberation of our country, are added!

Curious? Head to the museum reception, where our showcase awaits you!

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Pop-up Libération : Van Kuyck
May - Hugo Van Kuyck

Antwerp-born Hugo follows in 1940 the Belgian government in exile to Limoges and later joins the American army. In 1943 he is sent to Great Britain to prepare the future landing in Western Europe. He then heads the Beach Intelligence Section and studies the coastlines, the Atlantic Wall bunkers and the tides to determine the places and times best suited for an operation: Overlord eventually takes place on 6 June 1944 in Normandy. 

He ends the war with the rank of lieutenant colonel and receives several honorary distinctions: the Bronze Star Medal, the U.S. Air Force Air Medal and the Legion of Merit. His jacket and peaked cap are exhibited in the Military Museum’s Second World War section.